Parts Advisor & Apprentice Parts Advisor


Reporting To
Parts Manager

Main Purpose of Job
To satisfy all internal and external customer requirements and increase all aspects of the parts business through direct selling.

To be fully conversant with all procedures within the Parts Department.

To provide an accurate and speedy service to all customers.

Detailed Responsibilities

  1. To help ensure all customers, internal and external are dealt with promptly and courteously.
  2. To be fully aware of the usual trading terms, for retail, warranty and trade customers of the dealership.
  3. To help and learn parts are correctly checked against delivery notes and that they are binned accordingly and that all orders are checked and the delivery note is signed.
  4. To ensure that every part in the department is located properly and never “left” or put somewhere “temporary”.
  5. To ensure that the work area is kept to a high standard of cleanliness.
  6. To maintain acceptable standards of dress.
  7. To maintain up-dated, clean, priced displays in the parts areas and showroom at all times to generate interest and excitement.
  8. To ensure that all old units are returned to the Parts Department are cleaned and drained of oil.
  9. To ensure that all old units are returned to manufacturers in the prescribed manner.
  10. To understand and learn how to maintain a surcharge ledger.
  11. To be available, when required, to attend training courses.
  12. To ensure that the procedures and company rules for handling cash, cheques and accounts are fully adhered to.
  13. To report any stock damage or stock losses immediately to the Manager.
  14. To learn and understand how to ensure that the EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue) system is kept up to date and all current information available.
  15. To assist in stock checks when required.
  16. To be able to pack and load parts correctly and should also be acquainted with all despatch matters.
  17. To maintain good relationships with all suppliers.
  18. To maintain good working relationships with colleagues in other departments.

Limits of Authority

Not to exceed the discounts and terms agreed by the management.

Not to order parts for stock that are outside normal movement category requirements without prior authority.

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